Summer Camp Food

Many cases of children being on the medication radar have led to a change in the way the diet is prepared for them at summer camps. Special chefs that are dedicated to putting the necessary requirements in food specialty has been prioritized in many summer camps. A large number of the population visiting such camps have a varied preference for dairy free, gluten free or with allergies, an effort is put into the meals preparation. The challenge is having meals that are tasty and nutritious with no dietary restrictions. Very often the management of such camps will urge guardians and parents to avail information on special needs during camping and before the start of the camp session. This information is helpful to the management in giving special instruction to their kitchen on the type nutritious and fresh food to be consumed by all campers. Learn more about summer camp food, go here

Most summer camps have opted on a nut-free policy. Food allergies among children have increased the risk and reaction on life-threatening traits. In order to mitigate such cases, the policy will cover tree nuts or peanuts that includes almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pecans, and cashews. Most summer camps will be cautious about serving food containing tree nuts or peanuts by having procedures responsible for decontamination even in situations of products delivered from factories. But for good measure, the summer camp management do not fully promise a free environment of nut-free situation. They as the guardians during the period in which the summer camp operates will take the necessary precaution to avoid accidental contact with such foods. They will undertake measures with special consideration to children with allergies to nuts. Find out for further details right here

It is important for families that have children with allergies on nuts to pass this crucial information and any other existence of allergies to the camp management for appropriate emergency action plan to be put in place for current and future reference situations. This will the possible extent of the children to be educated on self-administering on Epi-pens. The challenge in controlling the traffic of inflow of different packages by the summer camp goers which doesn't guarantee the issue of nuts not being part of the package. It is advisable for the management not to allow the entry of any packages into the summer campsites without proper screening of the packages. The staff at the camp need be trained on a continuous basis on identifying cases of reactions to severe allergic symptoms. The staff need also be taught on how to administer the Epi-pen medication. Take a look at this link  for more information.